Our Bio Sculpture Gel Experience + Feather Nail Art!

We have always considered gel nails, as when we have a nail break it impacts the size of our tiny canvases! We decided to take the plunge and try out Bio Sculpture Gel nails with Bio Sculpture Gel Canada - and we were super excited with the result!

Bio Sculpture Gel is the only gel to have a clinical trial and a five-star safety rating, and soak off without acetone! We wore these for two weeks before our impatience kicked it, but we think we could have stretched it one or two more weeks (if we didn't have polish ADD).

Bio Sculpture Gel has three different options for flexibility, and we went with Flexi gel - the medium option! The free edge gel was added to extend the natural nail, and after buffing we were left with gorgeous, completely natural looking nails! We were totally impressed... and if you want to see the 'before' shot, click here.

We then decided to go with a bright blue coloured gel shade from their Carnival trend collection - it's number 175, Havana Nights. After that, we topped the look off with some fun feathered nail art!

Check out the progression of our mani below, and let us know if you've tried out Bio Sculpture Gel!

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We take time to read each and every comment! Thanks so much :)

NOTD: Minions!

Minion Nail Art with Bananas! thumb


We take time to read each and every comment! Thanks so much :)