Swatched: Rainbow Honey 199X Collection (Mint Flavor, Magic Cake, Tessie)

Today we have three polishes from the Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X (Part II) Collection! This two-part collection is half glitter bombs, and half pastel shimmers. We can't say no!

First up is Tessie, this is a lilac-y purple polish with blue shimmer. This swatch is two coats, and can we just say that this polish has the perfect formula for a shimmer! We love how this sparkles in the light.

Next up is this beautiful mint polish with silver shimmer, appropriately named Mint Flavor. If you have followed us for any length of time, you may know that Mint is perhaps our favourite pastel, The base colour for this polish is very similar to an ATF (all time fave) of ours, Essie's Mint Candy Apple. The shimmer gives this a nice summery feel in 2 coats and we definitely recommend.

Finally we have this neon glitter topper, Magic Cake. This glitter topper is a mix of pink, neon green, and bright blue glitter in hexagons and small squares. We are definitely going to be trying this out over black and white - the best part? This swatch is one coat. There is tons of glitter in this polish which is perfect for glitter addicts like us!

If you're liking this collection, The Summer of 199X Collection will be available as:
· Complete full-size (15ml, $90) or mini-size (4ml, $40) collection
· Part I or Part II, full-size (15ml, $45ea) or mini-size (4ml, $20ea) sets
· and full-size bottles (15ml, $10ea)

Rainbow Honey will also be offering FREE Shipping and a FREE Limited Edition Lacquer (read: extra secret polish!) on all orders of $50 or more (US & Canada only). 

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Swatched: Revlon Haute Tropics Collection (Summer 2013)

Today we have some more fun summer swatches for you! The Revlon Haute Tropics Collection is limited edition and in stores now until the end of June. This collection is a mix of colours and finishes - it borderlines on cohesive as a collection, but shade by shade it definitely has a polish for everyone!

First up we have Belize, Please - this is a bright pink with a subtle shimmer - a classic summer polish. This polish applied super well (this swatch is three thin coats) and we're happy with the results. This is definitely something we would pick up for a pedicure colour!

Next up is Cabana Queen. This is a pearly white, and the swatch is three thin coats. You really need to wait between layers until the polish is fully dry to avoid balding - but this does build up to mostly opaque pretty well for a white shimmer! This would also look great over a true white polish for a twist on white nails which are currently trending...

This polish looks great in the bottle, but we have to say we were a bit disappointed with the sheerness. It is a jelly with a bit of shimmer, but we wish it built nicely to a full coverage colour (because it's so pretty!) This is Coast is Clear, a shimmery mint polish. This would look great with a layer of glitter in between two coats, called a jelly sandwich (are you hungry?)!

Next up is Hello, Bali which is a purpley-wine jelly. We love how this polish builds and the colour is perfect for a summer to fall transition shade (August is calling our name already!). This swatch is three thin coats and the colour is perfect - not to red and not too purple.

Next up is Lagoon Afternoon, a creme grey-blue polish which is true to its name - we're imagining a lagoon right now (or at least a beach!). This polish applied super well in two thin coats. You could probably get away with one slightly thicker coat, but we like the faster dry times that come with thin coats!

Next up is a mauve-y beige with pink shimmer, called Secluded Beach. This is the perfect colour if you want a laid back mani, but don't want to be too boring! If you're going on vacation and can only bring one polish to touch up your tips - go with this one! This is two thin coats and the coverage on this was great!

Next up is the brightest colour in the collection; if you've been following us, you know we're obsessed with brights right now. This is Mai Tai Ask? and it is an orange crelly (creme jelly), which means that it is fully opaque but still gives that plush jelly polish look! This is probably in competition with the next polish to be our pick of the collection!

Finally, we have Plunge Pool, a royal blue metallic polish which is absolutely gorgeous. Surprisingly, we have nothing like this in our collection and are totally obsessed. This is one of our favourites and applies perfectly in two coats.

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Swatched: Essie Summer 2013 Nautical Collection

Fresh off the boat… Essie's Nautical themed Summer collection is ready to go - even if the weather hasn't quite got the memo yet. This collection is half bold brights and half soft shades, (almost) all with a sprinkle of glitter. The shimmer in these is a bit hard to catch with the proper shades, so we used different lighting between pictures to ensure our swatches are colour-accurate. 

First, we have Full Steam Ahead - a dusty lilac with silver shimmer. This polish is definitely a mix of creme and jelly. Three coats to opacity (and in this swatch) really give the shimmer depth, and we love the result.

Next up is our favourite from the collection (and it has the best name!) - Naughty Nautical. This is a teal polish with the same silver shimmer as the last. This swatch took two coats, and it applied beautifully. If you only pick up one from this collection - it should be this one.

Rock the Boat reminded us of a previous Essie summer hit, Bikini So Teeny, however this polish is actually a bit lighter. This one was the most difficult to capture, and to apply. With three coats we had opacity, however there were still some balder spots. Not super impressed with this formula - but we do love how well it pairs with Full Steam Ahead.

A perfect mix of brightness and shimmer lead to this coral masterpiece, Sunday Funday. This applied super easily with two thin coats required for opacity. This polish continues the shimmer-y theme and we love this bold polish paired with a pastel look.

Our second favourite of the collection is The Girls are Out - although the name is a bit awkward! This is a bright berry with the silver shimmer. This applied super well and with two coats looks perfect. We have been wearing this on our toes for the perfect summer pedi.

Last is the oddball of the collection, a chartruese (described by Essie as a lime green - it is not!) with no shimmer. This poor guy got left out when the nail polish people were dumping in the shimmer. It applies well and looks good with just two coats, but we wish it fit in a bit better with the rest of the collection.

Overall, we are loving the brights in this collection, but think its safe to leave the pastels! Have you seen this collection, and which have you picked up?

Disclaimer: These products were provided to us by the company/PR for our honest consideration and review.

How To: Perfect Galaxy Nails

Galaxy nails are the epitome of hipster-cool. We've been debating how to perfect this look for awhile. Do you go with just coloured sponging, white sponging, or coloured sponging on top of a white base? To glitter, or not to glitter? These are important questions. We've decided that the perfect galaxy nail requires a few things: A plain black base, A great holographic glitter polish (ours is in a black jelly base - even better!), white polish, some neon-y colours, and a sponge and nail art brush or dotter (or even a toothpick!).  This is our finished result (we're holding Femme Fatale Cosmetics in Star's Lament) - read on for the full pictorial and walkthrough.

Fradient (Fake Gradient) No-Sponge Leopard Print Nails ft. The New Black Shibuya Kit

Photo courtesy of The New Black

We're excited to have received some kits for review from The New Black - and to be starting a long line of blog posts using each of these kits to create a variety of different looks! The first kit we received (pictured left) was designed by celebrity manicure guru Madeline Poole (of MP Nails). It comes with three creme shades (a peachy cream, pink, and baby blue) as well as the gold glitter and a black striping brush. Let us begin by saying that we have never had much luck with striping brushes - and that we have truly found our holy grail polish striping brush! Our trouble with other stripers has been the lack of a blunt end to create a nice stripe, rather than a tapered end which makes your stripe less perfect (is our OCD showing?). Regardless, this one takes the cake! Check out our 3 nail looks below, and watch the video tutorial for our fradient (fake gradient!) technique and leopard print nail art!