How To: Perfect Galaxy Nails

Galaxy nails are the epitome of hipster-cool. We've been debating how to perfect this look for awhile. Do you go with just coloured sponging, white sponging, or coloured sponging on top of a white base? To glitter, or not to glitter? These are important questions. We've decided that the perfect galaxy nail requires a few things: A plain black base, A great holographic glitter polish (ours is in a black jelly base - even better!), white polish, some neon-y colours, and a sponge and nail art brush or dotter (or even a toothpick!).  This is our finished result (we're holding Femme Fatale Cosmetics in Star's Lament) - read on for the full pictorial and walkthrough.

1. First, start with a black base - it helps if your polish has had time to dry (so it doesn't stick when you're sponging).
2. Use a white polish and a sponge (tip: let some topcoat dry on your sponge where you intend to put the polish, it will help the sponge absorb less polish), and create some random pattern on your nail.
3. Repeat Step 2, using a yellow-y neon polish - or the lightest colour you would like to use for this look.
4. Then, add some pink polish using the sponging method. Stay on the outer rim of the yellow polish, creating some orange from the mixing colours, but leaving some room for the last colour on the outside.
5. Continuing to sponge, use blue around the edges of your white polish - this will create a purple when mixed with the pink, and a green when mixed with the yellow.
6. Use your holographic glitter polish, we recommend Femme Fatale's Star's Lament or China Glaze Fairy Dust or Nova, paint one coat over your galaxy-in progress.
7.  Using a dotter, nail art brush, or toothpick - make some brighter stars, and even some tiny crosses can be used to make the twinkling star effect.
8. One more coat of your holographic glitter topper, and then finish with topcoat!

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