Fradient (Fake Gradient) No-Sponge Leopard Print Nails ft. The New Black Shibuya Kit

Photo courtesy of The New Black

We're excited to have received some kits for review from The New Black - and to be starting a long line of blog posts using each of these kits to create a variety of different looks! The first kit we received (pictured left) was designed by celebrity manicure guru Madeline Poole (of MP Nails). It comes with three creme shades (a peachy cream, pink, and baby blue) as well as the gold glitter and a black striping brush. Let us begin by saying that we have never had much luck with striping brushes - and that we have truly found our holy grail polish striping brush! Our trouble with other stripers has been the lack of a blunt end to create a nice stripe, rather than a tapered end which makes your stripe less perfect (is our OCD showing?). Regardless, this one takes the cake! Check out our 3 nail looks below, and watch the video tutorial for our fradient (fake gradient!) technique and leopard print nail art!

The first look we created is our favourite for this package - Fradient (fake gradient) leopard print nails. What is a fradient, you may be wondering? Well, it is a technique which we use with little polish on the brush to fade one colour in to another. It is particularly useful in this manicure, because you cover any inconsistencies with leopard print - and you don't waste time playing with sponges! Check out our YouTube video for a full tutorial on this look. We used the pink and baby blue shades, as well as the black striper. No special tools required!

This next look is also a gradient of sorts, but this time a glitter gradient achieved simply by dabbing the glitter polish at the base (cuticle end) of the nails. We also covered a full nail in this glitter polish - just because we couldn't resist. It makes the perfect glitter accent and sparkles like crazy. We paired this with the pink polish, but it would also look amazing with the peachy cream colour and black stripes underneath (manispiration just struck!). All of the polishes applied really well, but this gold glitter took the cake with full coverage in 3 coats with some pointed dabbing. Colour us impressed.

The final look for this collection was some abstract flowers as an accent nail, which we created using the baby blue for the base. We then made some cream 'leaves' and pink flower shapes using the polish brushes. Once that had dried, we went back over with the striper to create some definition to the background with random dots and lines, and create the centre of the flowers. We actually love how this turned out, and the imperfection makes it really unique.

The New Black Shibuya kit is available online at for $24. Check out The New Black on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on their latest products!

 Disclaimer: Some of these products were provided to us by the company/PR for our honest consideration and review.