Swatched: KBShimmer Spring 2013 Collection

We were so excited to win a Facebook contest by Harlow and Co. of the whole KBShimmer Spring 2013 Collection. This post is long overdue, we've been playing with these shades for awhile (Get Clover It was the ultimate St. Paddy's Day shade!) and we have to say that the whole collection is a winner! So, lets get to it!

First up, is our St. Paddy's favourite, Get Clover It. This is a deep green jelly with micro green shimmer and green, gold, and blue-green circle glitter (we're obsessed with circle glitter right now!). This swatch is three thin coats with no topcoat. It is still slightly see through, but the coverage is definitely good and there is lots of glitter to go around.

Next is I Got A Crush on Blue. This is a mix of multi sized silver/holographic glitter in a blue jelly. We love how the glitter sparkles in this, although it was difficult to catch on camera. In the bottle you can see how this shines in real life! This swatch is also three thin coats with no topcoat. The larger glitter in this polish was less abundant but the holographic shimmer was even throughout.

This polish, A Dot Mess, is meant as a glitter topcoat - however, we like to aim for a full glitter nail to see how the polish truly performs! This is a mix of pink and black medium glitter and fine glitter in a clear base. This is three coats, and we are super impressed with how great the glitter coverage is in this polish! It can be inconsistent (see the difference between the second and third fingers) but it is gorgeous and the pink glitters are the ultimate shade of fuchsia.

This polish, Iris My Case, is a purple and blue small to fine glitter polish in a lavender creme base. This is three coats, and it definitely reached full coverage. We love how this looks and will definitely be matching this with a lavender jean come warmer weather. This polish could pull for our favourite of the collection.

This polish is called Lottie Dottie and is a mix of bright blue and fuchsia glitter in a soft white creme base. We aren't bothered by this polish, but wouldn't wear it on its own. It applies well and we are impressed at the coverage with three thin coats.

This polish is called Spring Training, and although the polish is supposed to have a soft green creme base, it really is closer to white on the nail. We love how the glitter comes through as more layers are applied, and actually we like the colour palette of this polish much more than Lottie Dottie. We were hoping this polish would be on the verge of mint (our obsession) but we actually like how pale it is. This swatch is three thin coats with no top coat.

This next polish is also marketed as a top coat, and is called Pastel Me More. It is a mix of many pastel glitters in many sizes. Basically its a pastel glitter bomb. While we wish there were more pinky/purple pastels in this, we love how great the coverage is with three thin coats and would definitely layer this over some other polishes for a great glitter accent nail!

This next polish is the final 'top coat' of the collection (and our favourite of the three!), called Squared Away. It contains multi-sized square glitters in a variety of colours. Most noticeably, pink blue and a silver holographic. There are also micro glitters which are pretty visible on the nail. The coverage on this can be spotty but we will definitely be rocking this over black! This swatch is three coats with no topcoat.

If you've never eaten a peep near Easter time, you are truly missing out. This is Where My Peeps At, a creme yellow base with multicoloured circle and hex glitter. This shade is super fun and we can totally see it transitioning in to summer (with a yellow polka dot bikini? match made in nail polish heaven)! This swatch is three thin coats with no topcoat. It may be beneficial to wear this shade with a yellow undie, as if you look closely you can slightly see the nail line on some nails.

Overall we love how this collection turned out (glitteraholics? yes.) and we're incorporating this shades into many a manicure as spring comes full on! If you had to pick one from the collection, we suggest Spring Training. And if you had to pick two (had to…) we would go for Squared Away. What do you think of this collection?