Gelled: Bio Seaweed Gel Review

Today we have something interesting on the blog - gel polish. As nail art lovers, we generally shy from anything that will stay on our nails longer than a few days. Who doesn't love to change it up? However, we have tried Shellac and Gelish systems for those times when you just need no-chip colour. We also use Shellac at home on our toes and it stays on for a few weeks problem-free. Gel polish can be a great base for nail art, since you can wipe off any mistakes with nail polish remover and maintain the perfect base!

We received two colours to review, Candy Apple and Raspberry Ice. Unfortunately, Raspberry Ice (which is a gorgeous sheer pink glitter) was a bit clumpy and wouldn't apply smoothly. It may have been exposed to light a bit or gotten a bit hard somehow… anyways we applied Candy Apple to test it out as a nail art base on our fingers.

The polish cures (like a regular gel polish), however you don't need any extra apparatus or items - all you need is the sun - which is free! The instructions say that it may take up to two minutes to cure - but we felt that ours cured in about a minute in high sunlight. The whole painting process took about fifteen minutes and it was totally dry at the end. We topped it off with a coat of the topcoat to ensure it stayed shiny. 

We tried a variety of looks on top of this red - and this is our favourite. We were a bit weary of removing it after but as long as you aren't using pure acetone (or a mostly acetone mix), you should be a-ok. We did feel like a bit of shine was lost when removing, but it still looks great. Overall - these polishes are a great base for nail art, however if you are obsessive about changing it up, these may not be for you. 

Since we do fall a bit on the obsessive polish-changer side, we opted to test the length of wear for these on our toes. Don't worry - there are no toe pictures coming, just some explaining! This polish wore perfectly for about a week and a half, and by two weeks there was definitely some tip wear and a few chips. By three weeks, almost every nail had visible chipping. That is pretty impressive wear for an at-home gel product. We are impressed! 

Let us know if you've tried Bio Seaweed Gel, or another gel product as a nail art base. If you're interested in Bio Seaweed Gel, you can use the code ILOVEBSG to get $10 off on their website Happy polishing!