Review: OPI Glitter Off! Base Coat

You may have seen our previous swatch of Ciaté's Love Letter - a gorgeous glittery pink - however, if you don't struggle with glitter polish removal - please let the rest of us in on your secret. I have heard of using glue base coat to peel off after, but after testing found that the glue was too thick to paint nicely on to my nails. This is where O.P.I. saves the day with their new Glitter Off! Base Coat.

O.P.I. Glitter Off! Base Coat

Nails post O.P.I. Glitter Off!
We used a thin coat on our nails prior to polishing and didn't even let it dry (which is probably part of the instructions if we bothered too look - but we were too excited. Fabulously, this totally worked! We scraped off our nails with an orange wood nail pusher which we had lying around, and it removed totally easy leaving us with a few remnants (pictured to the left, image left small to control the pain of unpolished nails) which came off in half a second with regular polish remover.

This product is totally worth it for us, as we constantly repaint our nails. We also found the wear time to be about 3 days chip free, however once this chips you are too tempted to peel off the whole nail. If you struggle with glitter removal, this could be a perfect holy grail base coat, and we definitely recommend it.

Let us know in the comments if you have tried this product and had a similar experience, or if you have another solution for easy glitter polish removal!

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