Top Three: O.P.I. Spotlight on Glitter Collection

O.P.I. Desperately Seeking Sequins (left), I Reached My Gold (back), and Rose of Light (front)
O.P.I. recently re-released some of their favourite glitters in a collection called 'Spotlight on Glitter' - we paired our favourite three with some of the Quo by ORLY Spring 2014 shades to show them off to you! We picked out a silver, gold, and rose gold  - the three new staple metallics, in our opinion.

First up is Desperately Seeking Sequins, a silver holographic glitter with tiny bar glitter, tiny holographic glitter, and some small hex glitters. We love anything holographic, so this is naturally right up our alley. Index and middle fingers have two coats, while the ring and pinky fingers have only one. This has great coverage and the formulation is perfect! This polish is definitely one of our recommendations if this is your thing.

O.P.I Desperately Seeking Sequins over Quo by ORLY Coral Contour

Next up is our least favourite of the three, I Reached My Gold, with large gold hex glitters and smaller silver holographic glitters of two sizes. This polish would be great, except that the hexes do curl a bit, which can make topcoat a difficulty. As you may be able to see on our middle finger, there was a bit of drag of the base polish - although it probably wasn't fully dry. The base on this polish is a little thicker, and could become gloopy if you work with the bottle open for an extended amount of time. There is one coat on all the nails with the exception of the middle nail, which has two.

O.P.I. I Reached My Gold over Quo by ORLY Sweet Blush

Finally, we have another of our favourites (who isn't obsessed with rose gold?) - Rose of Light. Our swatch shows one coat on the index, middle, and pinky fingers, and two on the accent nail (or ring finger). We love this. The small holographic squares and rose gold glitters make this a beautiful topper for almost any polish - for example, we don't love this base on it's own... but with Rose of Light as a top coat it totally works. A recommendation for any rose gold, glitter, or holographic lovers!

O.P.I. Rose of Light over Quo by ORLY Harmony

Overall, we were surprisingly satisfied by this rebrand of O.P.I's favourite glitters - let us know if you're loving these too and if you've tried any we would love to hear your thoughts!

Disclaimer: Some or all of the products mentioned in this post were provided by the company/PR in exchange for our honest review and consideration. All opinions are our own.


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