SWATCHED: O.P.I. Neon Collection 2014

Today we have the O.P.I. Neon collection for Summer 2014 swatched for you - for all of our swatches we used two coats, with nothing underneath. If you're looking for the neons to pop a bit more, we recommend using a white coat underneath. O.P.I. has released a white base coat with this collection, which we haven't had the chance to check out. We suspect that pigment in a base coat may alter the ability of the base coat to adhere to your nails... But we will have to try it out before we come to any conclusions. On to the polishes...

O.P.I. Push and Pur-Pull
First up is Push and Pur-Pull, a rich crelly purple with impressive application. This swatch is two coats - and this polish is one of our favourites in the collection.

O.P.I. Down to the Core-al
Next up is Down to the Core-al, a bright coral (who would have thought?) with a slight shimmer. This polish is pretty streaky, as you can likely see in the picture, but the coverage is impressive. This shade wasn't standout for us, but if you're in love with coral it would be a fine addition to any collection.

O.P.I. You are So Outta Lime!
Next is a unique shade, a creme lime that we are absolutely in love with. We don't have anything like You are So Outta Lime! - and the application was amazing. This is a total recommendation - everyone needs this in their collection!

O.P.I. Hotter Than You Pink
Hotter Than You Pink is a bright pink shimmer that has been done before, but is done well in this release. This is definitely not a must-buy, but if you're in the market this a good option. This is also a great classic pedicure colour for summer!

O.P.I. Juice Bar Hopping

Juice Bar Hopping is a bright orange-tangerine crelly with serious neon punch! This is the brightest orange we've ever seen, and it applies amazing. This is a great buy for anyone looking for a rainbow of neon polishes.

O.P.I. Life Gave Me Lemons
Finally, Life Gave Me Lemons is a green-leaning yellow that has a semi-patchy application. The colour of this polish is its saving grace, as its another unique creme polish. The shade is unforgettable, but if you are looking for a polish that is easy to apply - this may not be your go to.

Let us know what you think of these polishes and whether you'll be picking any up for your summer tips!

Disclaimer: Some or all of the products mentioned in this post were provided by the company/PR in exchange for our honest review and consideration. All opinions are our own.


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