Cupcake Nails

Cupcake Nails

The completed cupcake nail.

What you need:

  • Dotter Tool and Nail Art Brush (buy the set here)
  • Turquoise Background (we used Nails Inc. Haymarket, buy it here)
  • Light Pink Cupcake Wrapper (we used OPI Pink Friday, buy it here)
  • Dark Pink Cupcake Wrapper (we used OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips, buy it here)
  • White Icing (we used M.A.C. Vestral White, no longer sold)
  • Gold Heart (we used Nails Inc. Chelsea Embankment, buy it here)
  • Sparkly Background (we used OPI Princesses Rule, buy it here)
  • Sprinkles (we used various Nails Inc. neon shades, buy it here)
  • Base Coat and Top Coat (we used Essie, buy the top coat here, and base coat here)

What to do:

  1. Start with clean, dry nails. Paint each nail with base coat.
  2. Paint each nail with turquoise background colour, two coats may be required.
  3. Start by painting the tip to about a third to a half up your nails with the light pink shade for the cupcake wrapper.
  4. Next, use a nail art brush to paint stripes of the same thickness on top of the light pink shade in the darker pink cupcake wrapper shade.
  5. Use the larger end of the dotter tool and white nail polish to make icing on the top of the cupcake wrapper, covering the top of the wrapper which may be uneven.
  6. Using the smaller end of the dotter tool and the gold glittery shade, make two dots beside each other in the top centre of the icing. Then, use the dotter to drag the bottom part (closer to tip of nail) of the two dots together, making a heart.
  7. With the smaller end of your dotting tool, and various bright shades, make dots resembling sprinkles on top of the white nail polish.
  8. Then, using a nail art brush, use glitter on top of any showing turquoise background.

Steps 3 to 7, from left to right.

The dotter tool, a larger size is better for the icing, while a smaller size is better for the sprinkles. 


  1. I did these on my sister! It's a lot easier than I thought! Thanks so much, these are awesome!


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