Geo Nails

We've been dying to try these nails since we first saw them all over instagram, but we couldn't find a colour match we were in love with enough to really go for it - until we decided on these. Essie's Bikini So Teeny, available here, and Nails Inc. Sumner Place, available here.

We started with Essie Bikini So Teeny on all nails (except the ring finger and thumb, which we inverted to Sumner Place), then used striping tape to make a perfect line up the middle of any fingers we wanted this design on. We then used a nail art brush to brush on an angled line starting from the middle of the nail in the centre, to about 3/4 to the cuticle on the edge. We then 'filled in' the bottom half with the opposite colour, and allowed the polish to dry before peeling off the striping tape. Finish with some topcoat, and you're done!

This mani was quick and easy, definitely a good first attempt at working with striping tape. More striping tape mani's on their way in the future...


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