Striping Tape Mani ft. Sonia Kashuk Mini-Review

Simply put, we are addicted to this mani. The OCD in us loves the clean striping tape design, and our metallic love-fest continues in to Spring! While the grey colour almost appears brown in these photos, it was much darker off camera and true to the grey colour, even over the gold. If you don't have striping tape, you can try cutting painters tape or scotch tape (hey - we've done it!) in a pinch. The key is to leave the striping tape longer than the line you're painting, so that you can pull it off without having to dig in to your fresh polish.

We started this mani with two coats of Sonia Kashuk Golden Ticket, which we then allowed to dry fully. The swatch of this colour (our new favourite gold), to the left, is two coats with no topcoat. The shine this polish delivers without topcoat is incredible, however if you apply a second coat too quickly, some polish may drag creating a bumpy effect. Overall, we loved this colour simply for how opaque the coverage was, and that it was a true gold as opposed to the bronze "golds" we see everywhere.

We then used striping tape to make the pattern on our nails, laying tape wherever we wanted gold to remain. You can do this in 2 parts, either by going in one direction (and trying to stay in the lines) first, before laying the lines in the other direction, or you can line up the edges of your tape. The second way is more difficult and more time consuming - we recommend going one at a time. We used two coats of Sonia Kashuk Dime a Dozen which is a shimmery gunmetal (again, with great coverage!). After the two coats are dry - peel away! This part is definitely the most fun - and rewarding. If you peel back a piece of striping tape and it doesn't peel nicely, wait a few more minutes before trying the next piece!

Overall - the Sonia Kashuk polishes were smooth and had full coverage after only two coats. The real winner is Golden Ticket - which may be the best full coverage gold polish we've yet to get our hands on. Sonia Kashuk polishes are available at Target for $4.79 in the US - and hopefully will be available at any Target locations in Canada as they begin to open!

Disclaimer: These products were provided to us by the company/PR for our honest consideration and review.

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