Boomf - Instagram on Marshmallows

Our Marshmallow Instagrams from Boomf

So we were super excited to be able to use all of the technology innovations and exciting advances in order to eat marshmallows printed with our instagram photos on them. Sound crazy? Boomf, a UK company, provides 9 instagram marshmallows for your viewing and eating pleasure for £12 or about $20 (free shipping in Europe and North America!). We picked our favorite 'grams and the magicians at Boomf sent them back in marshmallow form. As lovers of all things food related, we could not resist eating them and are happy to report that they are pretty good! Check out some photos of our experience below and let us know what you think of this crazy concept!

A marshmallow waiting to be devoured in a hot chocolate. Or, the only
appropriate way to enjoy a marshmallow of your nails.

A close up of the quality, decent for marshmallows in our opinion!

If you're interested in some marshmallowy goodness of your own, Boomfs are available at!

Disclaimer: These products were provided by the company/PR in exchange for our honest opinions and review.