Swatched: Rainbow Honey now available at!

In celebration of the launch of Rainbow Honey, a line of custom blended nail lacquer, at we have some Rainbow Honey swatches for your viewing pleasure. We have swatched some Rainbow Honey polishes before and while they do have great formulations on all there polishes, we go crazy for any of their glitters. We absolutely love how gorgeous their glitter polishes look and they always get colours and blends spot on... That said, bring on the swatches!

First up is Apple Kid, a super bright shimmery pink or fuchsia from The Summer of 199X Collection. This swatch is two coats with no top coat, and we love how opaque this polish is and how smooth the formulation is. This is definitely one of the brightest colours we have seen and you can't go wrong with a pink. That being said, there are plenty of other polishes that can give you a similar look if you aren't too specific with colour.

Next up from The Summer of 199X Collection is Fire Spring - this is our absolute favourite! We love a good orange, they are totally lacking in most polish lines and the shimmer in this is literally unbelievable. This is a perfect polish to match a summery tan and it reflects light like no other. This swatch is two coats, and its essentially opaque (you can almost see the nail line on the ring finger). This is a fantastic lacquer and we cannot say it enough.

This deep purpley-blue with blue shimmer is from The Final Battle Collection, called Ultimate Weapon. This applied a bit patchy as you can see on the index finger, and is nothing to write home about. If you are in love with the colour we would say go for it, but otherwise leave it on the (online) shelf.

This glitter topped, called I Miss You from The Summer of 199X Collection, is perfection. Butterfly glitter... We love it. This is one coat on top of Ultimate Weapon, and literally there are butterflies on every finger. We imagine it may take two layers of top coat to ensure that no wings are sticking out, so if that puts you off then this polish may not be for you. As mentioned, Rainbow Honey does amazing glitters and this polish is proof.

Finally we have Tidal Wave, from The Final Battle collection. This polish isn't opaque in two coats, but it is absolutely beautiful when the holographic glitter catches the light. This would be great as a topcoat over a brighter turquoise shade and for a glitter gradient. We definitely love this polish and as always, recommend any Rainbow Honey glitter.

Will you be checking out for any Rainbow Honey glitters? We also recommend them for any Canadians looking for Zoya - particularly the Pixie Dusts! 

Disclaimer: These products were provided by the company/PR in exchange for our honest opinions and review.