Graphic Ombre Nail Art ft. Colour Gossip Nail Lacquer

Colour Gossip is a new brand which we first heard about on Instagram, and we were lucky to receive a few polishes to try out! The brands mission is to donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of each colour to a specific charity, based on the colour collection which is comes from. For this look, we use (from left to right, above) Love Child, Bora Bora, and Not A Size 6. We love the 'wear a cause' aspect of this nail polish and were impressed with the formula of these 3 free polishes! We especially love the brushes which allowed us to create nice edges, which we took advantage of when creating the triangles without using a nail art brush! 

We started by using a wet cosmetic sponge, with lines of polish in the order we wanted our ombré, on each of our nails. After the first layer dries, with fresh polish on your sponge - repeat until opaque. We used three layers on each of our nails, and love the results! Because you're repeatedly sponging, it creates a more blended ombré, as opposed to defined lines. Then we used the polish brush to create triangles on the bottom of each nail. We only realized after that these actually resemble mountains with a sunset behind… but we prefer to look at these more abstract. The photo below actually has no topcoat, and the ombré section turned out almost matte, while the painted polish turned out quite shiny! 

Let us know what you think, and be sure to check out Colour Gossip Nail Laquer on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclaimer: These products were provided to us by the company/PR for our honest consideration and review.


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