Swatched: Essie Resort Collection 2013

Who wouldn't love to be off vacationing at a resort right now? Essie is releasing their Resort Collection for 2013, which includes 4 rich, deep spring hues. We were so excited to get over the winter blues (literally and figuratively!) and bring on the brights! When we first saw this collection, we were so excited about a fresh green (the least represented colour in our collection) and we can definitely say it did not disappoint!

First, this is Come Here! - a bright red-orange which is borderline neon. This shade is reminiscent of coral, but definitely reads more to a true red on the nail. This swatch is three thin coats with topcoat, we love this!

Next is In The Cab-ana, an aqua which leads to only one conclusion: I should be on a beach right now. We love how light and creamy this shade is, but it still has the pop of colour on par with the rest of this collection. The swatch is three thin coats with topcoat. 

While Emerald is the colour of the year, this shade, First Timer, could definitely pull for the shade of the season! It is impossible to capture the brightness of this polish. In the bottle, this could go either way; once on your nails, it transforms completely in to a light, bright green. We've been describing it as an ultra-vibrant mint: this swatch is again, three thin coats with topcoat.

The final shade of this collection, Under Where?, reminds us of the pastel jeans which were so in last spring, and seem to be making a comeback! We wish this shade was a bit more sharp (neon collection… we're ready for you!) but it makes a great accent for any occasion, can you say spring weddings?

Overall, we love where essie is headed with their trend shades, which have been bang on for the last few seasons. And yes, we are hoarding Mint Candy Apple from the Winter collection. Don't judge. Our top pick from the Resort Collection? In The Cab-ana… What's your fav?

Disclaimer: These products were provided to us by the company/PR for our honest consideration and review.


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