OPI Euro Centrale Nail Art

This OPI Euro Centrale inspired mani contains 4 OPI Euro Centrale shades, including: 
  • A periwinkle for the base colour, in You're Such a Budapest
  • A deep blue-purple, for the triangle colour (and line details) in Eurso Euro
  • The glitter, in Polka.com
  • A turquoise for the circle within each triangle, in Can't Find My Czechbook
We also used striping tape and a nail art brush to place the glitter and draw fine lines for this look!

For this look, we started with the two coats of the base shade, a purple based periwinkle colour. We were really loving the blue tones in this collection, which is how this mani came about! We then placed striping tape where the outline of our triangle pattern would be. Using the deep blue-purple and a nail art brush we lined the inside of each triangle. Then, we used the nail art brush to place the glitter within this boundary in a rough triangle. Note: this look can be simplified by filling the whole triangle with glitter instead of tediously placing the glitter! Then we used the nail art brush to paint the centre of each triangle with a turquoise shade, and then filled the open space with some more pink glitter and fine details.

We love how this turned out! Glitter placement is definitely a time-consuming task, but we think it's worth it. What do you think?


We take time to read each and every comment! Thanks so much :)