Introducing Club Nail Polish

Today we are sampling a new subscription service which will be available monthly called Club Nail Polish! They market themselves as being like 'candy for your nails' - you receive one mystery colour per month in the mail. The catch here is the mystery. Unlike other polish subscriptions, like Julep, you will have no idea what is coming in your package each month. Here is what we received in our sample package:

We received OPI Can't Find My Czechbook (we swatched this as part of the Euro Centrale Collection, here), three mini nail files (perfect for the purse) and three cotton swabs. While we do like this colour and are happy its current, we already have it and think that this service could be better if it focused on hard to find and/or even indie polishes!

The price point for this subscription service has yet to be determined, but the shipping on our package was over $10! Seeing as the retail value for this polish is only approximately 10 dollars, it seems unreasonable to charge more than 12 for the whole package. If this company cannot get its shipping cost down, it may be difficult for them to succeed in the long run.

We're excited to see where this goes in the future, and you can check out Club Nail Polish online, or on Facebook. What do you think, would you subscribe to this service, and what would you pay?


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